About the Property

6309 Larkin Drive
Hawthorn Place
1 Bed, 2 Bed, 3 Bed

Located at the corner of Thunderbird Boulevard and Larkin Drive in Hawthorn Place, Gardenia House is situated next door to the Old Barn Community Centre and comes with a large garden. A four-storey building, Gardenia House comprises 60 homes of varying sizes. Whether you’re looking for a 1-bedroom, 1-bedroom and den, 2-bedroom or 3-bedroom apartment layouts.

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Dining Room

Property Features

* Refrigerator, Electric Range, Dishwasher
** Located in Echo, Evolve, Pine House and Mundell House. Available for a nightly fee to all Village Gate Home Residences. Booking and pricing information here.

Dining Room

Rental Rates

1 Bedroom: from $2,050/month
1 Bedroom + Den: from $2,240 – $2,300/month
2 Bedroom: from $2,500 – $2,650/month
3 Bedroom: from $3,210 – $3,400/month


Current Availability

Should you wish to secure a home in Gardenia House, please join our wait list. If you have already submitted an application, you do not need to apply again and will be contacted by a Village Gate Homes representative once there is a suite available that suits your needs.


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